Ball Valves

Ball ValvesBall Valves are fabricated and manufactured as per the modern international standards considering maximum safety, performance and long life.We offer ball valve in varied types like Single Piece, Screwed end Valve, Two Piece Valve, Three Piece Screwed Valve and Forged Steel Ball Valves. Finest quality cast iron, cast carbon steel and stainless steel are used in manufacturing these premium quality valves.

Industrial Ball Valves are used in various industries for Water Purification, Water supply, Oil supply, chemicals supply in factory, plants & machines owing to their high quality and longer life. These comprehensive varieties of Ball Valves are available at market leading prices due to heavy demand in the market.

Ball Valves Exporter, IndiaUNIMAC three piece design ensures online maintanance, which saves time, energy and money.Ball Valves are provided with blow-out prof stem. Specially designed Stem Seal ensures Zero passing through the gland.
In order to insert the ball into the body, three different types of assembly exist. Not only does the type affect the ease of assembly, but it also influences the maintainability of the valve.

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