Forged Steel Valves

Forged Steel Check Valves ManufacturerUnimac is manufacturer and exporter of Forged Steel Valves. Forged Steel Check Valves are manufactured according to international quality Standard. Our company designs piston type lift check valve incorporating self-cushioning effect. They are offered either with Threaded or Socket Weld ends.

Body Guided piston assuring accurate return to seat ring to achieve leak tightness. The check valves are also available in three different design configurations. These are piston check, ball check, or swing check designs.

Forged Steel Check Valves are offered in expansive range known for its durability and cost-effectiveness. These Industrial Valves fabricated using prime components finds application in different industries. Industrial Check Valves are highly claimed for their key features.

    Unimac Valves - Ball Valves
  • A Compact But Extremely Sturdy Design for High Pressure & Temperature Service
  • Bolted Cover Design
  • Piston Type Body Guide Disc
  • Assure Perfect Alignment of Disc & Seat Ring
  • Easy to install and long functional life

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