Globe Valves

Globe Valve, Globe Valve Manufacturer
We are well established manufacturer and exporter of Globe Valves in India. Globe Valves are offered in various grades and specifications to meet the various requirements of the clients. We are regarded as one of the chief Globe Valve Suppliers in India.

Our Globe Valves are appropriate for both isolation and flow control purpose in pipe line. They are made up using genuine material to ensure excellent performance and durability. Our range ensures 100% smooth flow area to reduce pressure drop across the valve.. It is known for trouble free service and longer life.

Globe Valve Exporter, Globe Valve IndiaGlobe Valves are manufactured in almost all material like Cast Carbon Steel, Cast Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel of all Grades and Super Alloy Steel, etc. We offer high quality and durable globe valves at the most competitive rates.

A properly machined and lapped backseat facilitates replacement of Gland Packing when Valve is in full stream.

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